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10 Reasons to Buy Original Art

Why should a person purchase original art? We could all save some money and buy a cheap poster to hang in our living room or a mass-produced dew-dad to hang out on the coffee table. There are many people do the aforementioned and are quite happy. But for those of you who like to step out of the ordinary and do buy or are thinking of buying original art, here are ten fantastic reasons to buy original art.
You can buy original art simply to feel or be inspired. Art that inspires you and effects you in a meaningful way should be in your home. Not many things can inspire and make you feel like a great piece of art. Art that inspires and connects deeply with you is to be valued and be seen often. This connection allows you to share in the passion, expression, creativity and inspiration of the artist who created it. The art moves you and enhances your life.
It’s certainly alright to buy original art to simply enhance and beautify your living or work space. The right piece of art and the aesthetic quality that comes with it can change the whole feeling of a room, a home, or a building. If you have a space in your life that needs a new energy, a new feel, a fresh look or a bold statement, start your search today at a local art gallery or on the web.
Some people buy original art simply for its uniqueness. A one of a kind creation is certainly unique, and you could say the owner would be somewhat unique for owning it. The piece of art can not only be unique for what it looks like, but for what it does to the people who get to see it and experience it. Or, it could be completely personal to you and no one else. A cheap poster that is just like 100,000 others just doesn’t do that.
Making a statement is a great reason to buy original. Maybe a collector wants to show off their art and impress others. A show of success. Why not? People do it everyday with things far less relevant than art. There is no doubt that owning certain Art can be somewhat of a status symbol. The original art you own can also be a part of your legacy, something to leave for others when the time is right.
Buy an original piece of art to make a connection with the artist. You can look at an original painting on a wall of an artist who you know of, respect, and admire. You feel the light. You see the brush strokes.. In most cases the artist probably cares deeply about their work, and you can share in the vision and commitment. Maybe you know this artist. This artist is here with you because of that painting. You support this artist with your patronage. Your support keeps this real life artist creating more fantastic art and getting even better at their craft so you and others can share even further in the experience.
Buying original art for purely financial and investment reasons is nothing new. You are not only investing in the art, but the artist as well. While there is certainly no guarantee, some, but not all art tends to increase in value with time. That’s a good thing to consider because so many of the items we buy everyday do exactly the opposite. Ever try to sell your stuff at a garage sale? That piece of clothing you bought a couple of years ago that was so in style probably isn’t worth too much now.
Original art is bought for intellectual reasons too. It’s been said that great or very good art advances our thoughts of who we really are and where we have been. It helps reminds us of our place in this world, or our own humanity. A certain style or school of art,the artists involved, and their attitudes on life may speak directly to you and will not let you go. The art and artists may have historical significance. This art may not speak to others but to you it’s deeper than the mere surface.
Buy original art and start your own art collection. People collect all kinds of things don’t they? Baseball cards, stuffed animals, die-cast cars, Barbie dolls, etc. I really don’t know why people collect, they just do. The home of a serious art collector is a quite something to behold indeed.
Buy original art just because you like it. You want it. It makes you feel good. It may make you smile. You feel it was created just for you…and maybe it was. You view it every day and you feel a connection to the painting or sculpture that just makes you feel good. What’s wrong with that?
If none of the above reasons work, you could always buy an original piece of art to match your carpet color or go good with your curtains.
You don’t need a bunch of reasons to buy original art. Just one will do, although there are several. I personally buy art for four reasons: I love it, I’m inspired by it, I want a personal connection to the artist or the subject matter, and the desire to possess something with those qualities that is absolutely unique.You don’t have to spend a fortune to have quality art in your home. Start where you can because original art does not have to ruin your budget. Even though every so often you here about these astonishing prices for older paintings, you can start a collection at reasonable prices and see where it takes you. Your soul just might thank you for it.